1/4/12 ~ Brown Bears – Review and Classroom Words

Hola Padres,

Feliz ano nuevo (Happy New Year!)

I hope you and your families all had a wonderful break together and that you enjoyed spending time with each other.

Today will be our first Spanish class of the new year, so we’ll spend some time reviewing all the materials we did before break.

Some of the new words we’ll be learning today will be classroom vocabulary and a classroom song that goes along with it. I’ll put the words below for practice.

Also, for homework, if the kids would like to do a color-by-number of a bear (oso,) that would be great. I’ll put the link below.

As always, thanks for your at-home practice. It really shows!

Classroom Vocabulary

  • Silla – Chair (pronounced see ya)
  • Libro – Book
  • Ventana – Window
  • Lapiz – Pencil
  • Pluma – Pen
  • Escritorio – Desk

Color By Number Worksheet